Smart factory solutions based on AI technology
Considering the security of workplace data, the solution adopts end-to-end frame for local deployment. The end corresponds to the video collection terminal and the end corresponds to the edge computing service platform. It is based on Intel ® Movidius ™ Carry out visual identification monitoring on the production safety of the factory.


穿着不合规 - Smart factory solutions based on AI technology

Employee wear does not meet the requirements

操作不规范 - Smart factory solutions based on AI technology

Employee operation does not meet the requirements

生产环境 - Smart factory solutions based on AI technology

The production environment is difficult to monitor

冲进危险区 - Smart factory solutions based on AI technology

Employees easily rush through dangerous areas


Person identification

When there is no helmet, it can capture the facial features and recognize the human face.

Employee wears identification

The program can judge whether employee wears are according to strictly requirements.

Virtual fence

Monitor the status or dress of employees in the area covered by virtual fence.

Multi-stage employee wears identification

According to the requirements of different stages, different AI models are selected to identify employees' wear.


1 - Smart factory solutions based on AI technology



Support night vision ;support network or WiFi

Intelligent Gateway

Intelligent gateway is mainly used for decoding and encoding video streams

Edge Server



Safety In Production

Improve the ability of risk alarm and early warning through the continuous monitoring of video stream

Improve Product Quality

Improving product quality by standardizing employee behavior

Intelligent Management

The management steps are simplified through automatic identification and digital management


Low Cost

SaaS application subscription service + hardware terminal usage fee, pay on demand

Full Platform Support

Support web, Android、iOS app and other management application systems

High Efficiency

The artificial intelligence algorithm is deployed to the edge side to obtain more rapid and accurate recognition results


The self developed industrial Internet gateway can realize compatibility of various transmission protocols, data acquisition and interconnection


Case of a well-known brand automobile production plant

The automobile industry has very strict regulations on the dress and operation of employees. If employees violate the relevant regulations, it will not only affect the product quality, but also lead to production accidents. Our smart factory solution deployed webcams, edge servers and in the factory, realized the digital management of the smart factory, and monitored the implementation of relevant specifications and production environment.